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About Corpus Dance Works

Corpus is a dance group local to the twin cities started by Lily Conforti in 2019. The group formerly performed under the name LCcreations and and changed the name in October 2022 to Corpus Dance Works. The group creates multi-medium art from collaboration between dance different artistic genres. Each project allows for artists of distinct and unique backgrounds to come on board, and work together to make something new. The cast creates under a collective goal of blending mediums together to cultivate an art experience that is new and invigorating for the audience.


Corpus Callosum anatomically refers to the nerve fibers that connect the two hemispheres of the brain, permitting communication between the right and left sides. The name, Corpus, was chosen to represent the connection and crossing over of artistic mediums that the dance project hopes to achieve in its work.


Some examples of Corpus' collaborations include include their dance and visual art show titled, ‘Botanical Dancing’ presented at the 2019 MN Fringe Festival where dancers laid canvas drop cloths across the stage and proceeded to dance in brightly colored paint, making patterns on the floor as they did so. Through this show they explored lasting and fleeting shapes on stage. The collective has also done works combining dance and textiles for DanceBarn’s Vol 3 show - CollabArts. In collaboration with Alexandrea Beaumont, a Minneapolis textile artist, the group built a 6ft standing cube of fabric which they danced in and through. Corpus Callosum has collaborated with videographers for their 10 min short film titled Limbo. Limbo received accolades from several acclaimed film festivals, including, 4th Logcinema Music Film Festival, FROSTBITE International Indie Fest, and Munich Music Video Festival.  Lastly, in August 2022, Corpus collaborated with a local punk/rock band, Oister Boy, to create a 45 min, mixed media show for the MN and Indy Fringe Festivals. The group has performed in the University of Minnesota's BLUEPRINT show, FUTURE INTERSTATES curated by HIJACK, ArtBox's annual show INBOX@ARTBOX, the MN, Indy, and Calgary FRINGE FESTIVALS. Their work has also been showcased in several online film and performance festivals across the world. 

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