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Oister Boy is a band located in the Twin Cities. It would be easiest to describe their music as alternative rock, but the roots of their influence range from the the genre giants of Soundgarden to lesser known acts such as Algernon Cadwallader, and they make about every pit stop in between. With fast, driving guitars and energetic melodies and rhythms, their live show consistently has audiences moshing and craving more. Oister Boy cut their teeth by spending the summer of 2022 touring in Indiana and they are overjoyed to be back home sharing their love and original music with you. The band features Lincoln Saxton as Lead guitarist, Duncan Macklem-Johnson on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Mark Estephan on bass, Ava Santangelo on lead vocals, and Seth Hynes-Marquette on the drums. 

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LCcreations and Oister Boy collaborated to create a punk rock/dance show for the MN and Indy Fringe Festivals in Aug 2022. The show titled: "I think we are supposed to be 'Coming of Age' by now... featured live music by Oister Boy and electric dancing by the 7 person dancer cast of LCcreations. To watch and read more about this project, click the link below. 


Pictured from L to R: Seth, Duncan, Lincoln, Ava, Mark

Oister Boy

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