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Alexandra Beaumont

Alexandra works in textile and movement to explore personal and collective preservation, restoration, and expansion. Handmade banners (dyed, stitched, torn, appliqued, inked, embroidered) reference the visual, kinetic, and metaphoric elements of parades. They often feature intimate stories and totems of personal history; the pieces themselves becoming acts of reclamation, documentation, myth creation. Her work prods the spaces between our individual and collective parades of self – assuming an audience, crafted for display – and our experience of living within that presentation: what do we say/display of ourselves to ourselves? How does it shape us as we shape it? Each piece she makes is worked entirely by hand - pushing into the intimacy and tenderness that cloth allows, in contrast and/or conversation with the boldness of parade.

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The Colab 

Alex Beaumont, a textile artist, and Lily Conforti, a dance artist, wove their mediums together to create this work. With the theme of transformation in mind, the artists begin the piece from behind a frame of intertwined textile panels. Out of sight of the viewers, the artists initially poke out only fingers, hands, and arms from between the cloth panels and around the sides of the frame. The movement stretches gaps between the panels, providing glimpses of kinetic bodies. Continuing on, the artists unfasten panels, moving with the cloth and revealing different colors and patterns on the back. The artists extend the cloth panels outward, around, above, transforming the closed frame space into an open structure. To watch and read more about this project, click the link below. 


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