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Lily Conforti


Artistic Director, Dancer

     Lily Conforti is a dance artist from the Twin Cities. She graduated in May 2021 from the University of Minnesota with degrees in Dance and Physiology. She is interested in articulation of movement with music, and creating multimedia dance works.


     Lily is the director and choreographer for LCcreations which is a dance collective she started in 2019. The group creates mixed media art that combines dance and other artistic genres. A few of their highlighted works include: ‘Botanical Dancing’, a dance and visual art show presented at the 2019 MN Fringe Festival, ‘Shuttle’, a dance and textile project that was made in collaboration with textile artist, Alexandra Beaumont and presented in DanceBarn’s CollabArt show, and ‘Limbo’, a dance and film work that was presented in several film festivals across the world. Each project allows for artists of different backgrounds to come together and be engaged in a creative process with new people. The cast works under a collective goal of blending mediums together to cultivate an art experience that is new to the audience.

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