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Danna Gilbertson is a screenwriter based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. She writes stories driven by characters with real-world problems in fantastical and whimsical worlds. The style of her work is very much inspired by Disney/Pixar, fairytales, myths, and just that little bit of magic that exists in our everyday. She has experience in story development, collaborating with other writers on scripts, and has worked in various roles on film sets to help compelling visions come to life.

Danna is currently known for "Finding Your Pride" (2021, Writer/Director), "The Labyrinth System" (2021, Writer/Director), and "Glimpse" (2021, Voice Actor). She also has experience as an Assistant Director, Production Manager, and Event Planner.

The Colab

LCcreations worked with Danna on their dance for film project 'Limbo'. Danna assisted in directing film shots and editing the work. Her film experience and expertise brought Limbo to life. To watch and read more about limbo, click the link below. 



Danna Gilbertson

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