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   "Lily Conforti brings both her LCcreations Collective dance troupe and the band Oister Boy with her from Minneapolis to literally rock our world."
   "I generally take copious notes at performances to help me remember what I’ve seen so I can better communicate the show’s intent. I found myself unable to write almost anything about the show because I was so awestruck with every second of it."
                 - Wendy Carson (plays with John and Wendy)
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   "It comes as no surprise at all to me that Lily Conforti’s newest LCcreations offering, I think we are supposed to be ‘Coming of Age’ by now…, is another joyful, raucous celebration of dance and community.  That’s kind of their brand."

   "Conforti’s choreography is so impressive, executed perfectly by herself and a tireless crew of dancers. You’re not liable to find a more fun dance show in the Fringe this year.  They’re serious about dance.  But they’re also serious about enjoying themselves, as is the band, and they want to make sure you enjoy yourself, too, whether you come up on stage for the dance party at end the end or not.  I’m very excited to see whatever they do next."
                 - Matthew A. Everett (swfringe geek)
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   "A suave pas de deux bam pumps into an ear-splitting rock number, and we’re on a 60-minute rollercoaster across dance genres with a company of seven dancers and five musicians/vocalists spot-on as mood-missionaries with an introspective-public show of collective/private rebellion."
                 - Rita Kohn (Nuvo Indy News)
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